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Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 was the successor and sequel to the popular and successful Resident Evil 1 Video Game. Like its forebear, it is a Survival Horror game, that focuses on puzzle solving, limited saves, and ammunition conservation. This all adds together to create an immersive horror experience in a city overrun with the 'undead'.

In the Game, you take on the role of either Rookie Police Officer Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield (sister to the first game's protagonist, Chris). After a deadly outbreak of the T-Virus (a Bio-Weapon developed by a pharmaceutical conglomerate called Umbrella) transforms Raccoon City into Zombies, the characters must seek out the police station, in the hopes of finding Chris Redfield. However, they discover that he has left for Europe, to find Umbrella's Headquarters.

After this, the Characters attempt to flee the city, only to discover, through happen-stance, a maniacal plot, in the midst of this civil emergency, to create the ultimate bio-weapon for Umbrella. This weapon, known as the G-Virus, would transform anyone infected into a superior living war machine. The group continues to unravel the mystery of the G-Virus, finding their way into Umbrellas' secret underground research facility.