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Resident Evil 6

Having completed every Resident Evil game thus far, I am obligated to see any movie that is tied into the franchise. As you can imagine, this leads to some major disappointments. I enjoyed the first film, loathed the second, and I personally thought the third was the best so far. This gave me high hopes for Resident Evil: Afterlife, but I was definitely hesitant as the trailers leading up to release had the film looking much more like the matrix than any Resident Evil game. Sadly I was severely let down. I expected this movie to suck, but wow, it is absolutely one of the worst films I have ever seen.

Paul W.S. Anderson has been more miss than hit, but there are a few of his films that I really enjoy. For example the first Mortal Kombat is just fun as hell, Event Horizon has inspired multiple other films and games such as Dead Space, and I think Dead or Alive is the best game to movie adaptation in existence. I think he was a little over excited about trying his hand at 3D, and it simply murders the movie as a whole.

Now I like 3D, I think it can enhance a movie and really help to suck you in, just so long as the movie is not centered around its 3D effects. Resident Evil: Afterlife however is so blatant in its 3D effect gimmickry it is embarrassing. Every single scene that involves a kick, punch, chop, or block is in slow motion. I honestly think that if the movie were ran in 1:1 time, it would be 15 minutes long. I am absolutely serious when I say this movie does not go 5 minutes without some slow motion projectiles flying at your face, and it really doesn't even look that great.