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Sylvia Christel

No More Heroes for the Wii console is another assassin related title from director Suda 51 (that's go-ichi, not fifty-one). At its core, it's a hack and slash with some unique Wii controls. But it really is so much more. It's a pile of pop culture references, a pseudo-sandbox game, a comedy, and a collected all.

Travis Touchdown is the quintessential anime fan who actually becomes an assassin after winning a beam katana (it's not a light saber) in an internet auction. He meets Sylvia Christel in a bar one night, and agrees to kill "the drifter". After completing this task, he's told he is now rank eleven in a list of the top killers-for-hire. Naturally, he decides to start working his to the top. Why? to earn money for video games, to face a challenge, and to have a chance at bedding Miss Christel.

No More Heroes is not short on laughs, straight through to the end, with numerous references to Killer7 and Star Wars as well as other things only the Otaku in you will recognize. There are crazy plot twists, and of course, No More Heroes is not too proud to poke fun at itself. That's not to mention the completely off-the-wall cast of characters Travis will meet and face off with on his quest for the number one spot.