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Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is one of the lesser known installments of the Popular Resident Evil video game franchise. Set in the same time frame and setting as Resident Evil 2, it contains some great continuity fillers, and helps flesh out the Resident Evil Universe.

The game itself stars Jill Valentine, one of the two protagonists from the first Resident Evil Game. However, unlike previous games in the series, the player only has the option of Jill as a protagonist, and the whole story centers around Jill during the Raccoon City Outbreak.

In the game, Jill is attempting to escape the infested remains of Raccoon City in the midst of the outbreak of the T Virus. The T Virus was manufactured by a multi-national pharmaceutical conglomerate, Umbrella, for the purpose of creating bio-weapons. It was accidentally/purposefully released upon the unwitting inhabitants of Raccoon City, in order to cover up their research in the nearby Arklay Mountains facility.

As Jill travels through the game, she discovers that Umbrella has released a bio-weapon called Nemesis upon the city, specifically designed to hunt down the remaining members of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS), whom Jill was a member. Umbrella fears that if STARS members escape, that they will be able to expose Umbrella to the world.